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Thu, Jul 12, 2007


Inspired by my blog’s makeover I must tell you about mine.

Well it’s kind of a make-under really…

I have given up on my GSDs.

The heat and the humidity and the rain have rendered them ineffective and so for the past week I have been sporting curls.

So far the response has been good, and it’s certainly a lot easier than fighting the frizz, but it’s kind of made me wonder if I’ve discovered why in general old ladies seem to go for a curly-haired barnet.

I don’t mean the heat and humidity, or lack of time for GHDs, I mean the fact that curls seem to have suddenly sprung into abundance on my bonce all by themselves, as if by magic.

I always had kind of wavy hair, and in the late 80′s I must admit I did go for the big perm with the fringe area kind of moulded into a wave on my head… (I was very young, a mere child, so it’s not my fault.)


Hee hee, none of these people are me. I found them here. The picture says ‘courtesy of Steve Mason’ on the original site, so if that’s him in the picture he’s a very brave man. Ahh it’s good to share.

Anyway, as I was saying, I did do the perm and hairspray bit in the late 80s, but when the 90s came
I lost the hair spray but kept my long curls and am happy to say they looked ok.
(I was always amazed how long my perms lasted but realise now I probably didn’t actually need a perm, just a diffuser and some mousse. Bugger!)

Now, my hair is unbelievably curly, and it’s got me thinking about the nature/nurture thing. But on the more serious subject of hair…

No matter how much you nurture your locks into long golden tresses, short choppy bobs, or scary 80s mullets and perms, by the time most of us reach old ladyhood, it’s likely we will be sporting a mass of head bubbles that we tame weekly at the salon on pensioners day.

I have no problem with old ladies with mad curly hair, in fact I plan to be one, I have just always wondered why pensioners have a penchant for the permanent wave.

But now, I think maybe they can’t help it.

I think that after you hit 30 your hair just starts to curl.

I don’t know why.

Maybe it’s like with those freaky dolls that can grow their own hair.

Maybe all the hair is already inside your head when you’re born, rolled up into little balls, and as the years go by it unravels and gets more curly as you get nearer the end. (Of your hair, not anything else.)

Never mind all this stuff we ‘claim’ to know about anatomy. I’m sure I’m right.

Nature has decided that for those getting on in years a curly barnet is a good look and there’s nothing we can do about it..

The blue rinse however I cannot explain.


But it does make me smile.

I can just imagine them saying,

“I can’t get away from the blumming curls, so darn it, I’m going to dye my hair blue and drink lots of whisky. “

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8 Responses to “New hair”

  1. Jen Says:

    Ah, Jo, love the new look to the blog. A blue rinse perhaps? Seriously, who made your template and can I have one? LOL I tried to perm my hair, but it’s so very straight that it lasted all of two weeks. A flat iron, what you have labelled a GSD, would be useless on me. I got my hair all cut off a few months ago in a very short pixie cut after having hair that was below my shoulders for most of my life. It’s actually much shorter now than it is in my profile pic. I’ve thought about dyeing again…maybe blue? C’mon, let’s see your new hair!


  2. CamiKaos Says:

    I’m a gin girl myself, think that means I can keep my straight hair… love the new blog do.


  3. Brillig Says:

    Oh my goodness. Um…. I hope that that picture is highly photoshopped. Yikes!

    I love the look of your blog, by the way!!! I don’t know what it looked like before… I’ve only seen it in its unmentionable state until now. :-D


  4. Jo Beaufoix Says:

    Ah thanks Jen. And you’re so lucky to have hair that straight. I bet it looks really cute all pixie like.
    Mine is untamed at the moment and still not ready for human consumption, but who knows what the future may bring…

    The template came from a friend of mine, Ashley Morgan who discovered it and decided to try it. I’ll let you know more if I can later.

    CamiKaos, gin definitely means straight hair. Enjoy.

    Brillig, I love it too, and I still ahve my Ostrich. She makes me laugh whenever I see her.

    Isn’t the 80s hair hilarious? It’s bad enough doing that to yourself but doing it to your child too, that’s just wrong.


  5. Susan as herself Says:

    Man, I would kill to have even a SLIGHT curl to my hair. All my life my hair has been stick straight, and even when I use rollers or a curling iron it only lasts a couple of hours.

    I was the only teenager alive in the 80s that had STRAIGHT hair. And when I become an old lady it will still be STRAIGHT.



  6. IngeniousRose Says:

    Looks as if we will be facing old age with curly hair together then! (I do like the curly look by the way, it looks thicker too – just your hair not YOU!)


  7. bellevelma Says:

    I had long curly hair once years ago thanks to a perm and some patience. Before then and ever since it’s been short and straight. These days it’s shorter than most teen boys are wearing theirs and if it weren’t for the boobs and makeup (“You ALWAYS have to at least wear LIPSTICK if we cut your hair this short,” my stylist said) I’d be mistaken for a guy. It’s easy to care for at least. Love the new look of your site!


  8. Jo Beaufoix Says:

    Susan, you will be one of those very refined looking old ladies who all the other old ladies are al little in awe of.

    Thanks Bellevelama. I think short straight hair looks very sassy, especially with boobs and make up.


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