Third time lucky

Tue, Oct 2, 2007


I’m trying one last time with this post…

This morning I found myself photographing a small turd.

I know, I know, I can hear all those shocked intakes of breath.

I promise there was a good reason, I promise it was under considerable pressure, (me, not the above mentioned unmentionable), and I promise I will NOT be posting it on here.

I’m making lunch when Miss M bounds into the kitchen.

Miss M: “Mummy, Mummy, my done a rainbow poo.”

Me: “Erm, pardon M?”

Miss M: “My done a rainbow poo and it boooootiful.”

Her eyes sparkle with excitement and a huge smile dimples her little cheeks.

She drags me into the living room and I’m thinking, ‘well she had pasta and vegetables for tea last night and toast this morning so that’s orange and green and brown and yellow…but that’s not how the song goes. Oh my God has she drunk sonme kind of oil??’

Miss M: “Dare mummy,dare it is my rainbow poo.”

I take a deep breath and look down.


Now I understand.

It’s not a poop of many colours, (as I know you’ve all been imagining), but a small rainbow shaped stool.


Me: “Oh yes M. It is like a rainbow isn’t it?”

And we giggle, M with pride and joy at her creation, me at the way her little mind works.

Then I say,


Me: “I’ll just take it upstairs babe. Won’t be long.”

But she steps in front of me and places her tiny hand on my arm.

Her lips tremble, her eyes go wide and she gives a little sniff…

“But mummy dat my rainbow poo. My want to show it to daddy.”

I look at her solemn face. ‘Think Jo, think…’

Me: “I know M, why don’t we take a picture, then we can show Daddy, but there will be room for more poop in your clean potty?”

Miss M: “Ok Mummy. An we can show Granny and E and Auntie H and ME too.”

Me: “Hooray.”

Thinking ‘oh my God’.

So, next time we get out the family albums, it will be an interesting occasion for all concerned…


I don’t think we’ll show Grandma though. Hee hee.

(Interestingly, this is not the first time a child in our family has pooped out a recognizable object.
A couple of months ago my 3 year old niece ME managed to produce a fairy lifelike rendering of the male genitalia. Her Mummy was so proud.)



Ooo and some nice news, the fabulous Walks Far Woman at Kissing the Dogwood has bestowed upon me this piece of gorgeousness…


Isn’t it beautiful?

And she said really really nice things about me on her blog that made me blush right down to my toes.

Go visit if you haven’t already, she has this way of writing that is really calm and beautiful and can write interestingly about pretty much anything.

So we will have another small awards ceremony some time in the near future.


And finally the beautiful Choc Mint Girl has tagged me for a meme where you have the opportunity to get some linky love and checkout some fab new blogs in the process.

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And Miss E does it again


I am tagging some of you but, I promise I won’t be upset or offended if you don’t fancy it, OK?

I’m tagging:

21st Century Mummy
Mad Goat Lady
Blue Momma

And anyone else who wants to play.


I’ve reached the end without my screen freezing.



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25 Responses to “Third time lucky”

  1. CamiKaos Says:

    You are a busy woman, what with your new found talent as a fecal photographer and tagger of amazing proportions.

    I will play the tag game (later on this week perhaps)

    but not the what shape is my poo game… That’s best left for my potty to know :) haha.


  2. bellevelma Says:

    Thank you for NOT showing us the picture. I was scrolling slowly thru, squinting just in case…


  3. Corey Says:

    LOL I just might be the only person a little sad not to see the picture. LOL I suppose being a mother of a 2 year old has done strange things to my sense of interest. sigh…..

    So glad you were able to post this with no further trouble.

    Congrats on the new award. It is VERY pretty!


  4. Bobby Revell Says:

    Hi! I have added your links onto the original meme! Thanks so much for participating:)


  5. Mya Says:

    So glad you didn’t put a picture of the poo – you described it very nicely though, so it really wasn’t necessary. I do hope Mr B appreciated the genius of his daughter’s toiletry habits – perhaps like any proud father he’ll pop a photo in his wallet?
    Congrats on the award. I’m looking at all that tag SEO stuff, and I’m thinking ‘what the **** is all that?’ Not sure I’ll be able to do it, but i’ll have a go. Thanks.

    Mya x


  6. Leendaluu Says:

    Ohh, I ‘ll play..I have to do your middle name meme as well…I’ve been remiss….so please don’t dismiss (me). See I’m a poet too! No worries, not like I’m serious competition for the amazing JO!


  7. david mcmahon Says:

    Busy on the poop deck, Cap’n? Every family has a great poo story and that’s up there with the best of ‘em!


  8. Jo Beaufoix Says:

    Hee hee, Cami, you have just admitted to our little part of the blogosphere that you still use a potty. I am so proud of you.

    Belle, there are some things you just shouldn’t share right?

    Corey, I would email you a copy but I deleted it after daddy saw it. Somehow it just seemed wrong. Hee hee.
    2 year olds do such weird things to our heads.

    Mya, LOL. And don’t worry about the meme. To be honest I just copy and pasted it. Do it if you want to but no worries if you don’t. :)

    Leendaluu, I see talent there.
    And don’t stress. I’ll love you whatever you do.

    David, I do seem a bit poop obsessed at the moment don’t I? Let’s hope it’s just a phase we’re going through. :D


  9. Mad goat lady Says:

    Ha..more fun and games then Jo?


  10. Jo Beaufoix Says:

    Always up for fun Miss GL. :D


  11. Kimberly Says:

    Gosh she’s a bright one, isn’t she?


  12. 21st Century Mummy Says:

    Ha Ha Jo – she’s great….I am sure in this context you both will enjoy this link about kids in New York decorating dog poo in the name of art….


  13. Jo Beaufoix Says:

    Hmmm, rainbow bright Kimberly.

    Ohhh, looking forward to reading about the dog poo 21st CM???


  14. An English Mum Says:

    I don’t think I’ll ever be able to ‘Sing a rainbow’ with a straight face ever again! :-}


  15. Jen Says:

    I do appreciate not seeing the picture. And you’re a better mommy than me, because I just don’t think I could have photographed poo, no matter how proud my child was of it. You are a star. But we still don’t need to see the picture.


  16. CableGirl Says:

    Ok, seriously, that HAD to hurt coming out. lol


  17. Mrs. Weasley Says:

    I loved this and knew that she meant the shape of a rainbow, not the colors. Once my two-year-old daughter got up from her potty and excliamed, “Ooooh, a poo poo snake!” And sure enough, it was coiled up just like a snake. Oh, the associations of a two-year-old…Another time, my son had eaten some blue ice cream (disgusting in the first place) and then his poo poo was blue for a day (even more disgusting…)! I think I will enjoy reading some of the blogs in your new meme.


  18. rotten correspondent Says:

    I’ll give the meme a shot, jo. It’s a really interesting way to go about it.

    I’ve had my share of poo stories too. Multi-colored, animal shaped, ready for it’s close up. I still have them actually, as some of my children still don’t get the concept of flushing.

    It’s not cute anymore in my house.


  19. 21st Century Mummy Says:

    Jo – you won’t believe this but sitting with my 3 year this evening while he was on the potty, he got up, turned around and said….

    “Mummy…look…a rainbow”

    and in the potty was a rainbow poo!!!!!!

    What a coincidence! Do you think it’s what they teach them in the Foundation Stage curriculum?

    Very sad though…because I was so excited about telling you :-D


  20. Jo Beaufoix Says:

    English Mum, “I can sing a rainbow, sing a rainbow, sing a rainbow poo.”

    Jen you just wait, TFYO and ‘snowball-to-be’ will have you photographing poop one day. Children can make you do almost anything. :D

    Mrs Weasley, that’s so funny. And the blue poo must have been crazy. I bet he never had that ice cream again. :)

    RC, ha ha ha ha ha, and yet, gross. Miss M also did a turtle today. I was quite surprised she knew the world turtle. Hee hee.

    21st CM our kids must be communicating telepathically or something.

    Or it’s something in the water hee hee.


  21. Rebecca James Says:

    yes, well, the ability to produce rainbow-shaped poos is always a big asset – particularly at such a young age!! If you keep the photo as evidence you’ll have no problem finding a lot of eager suitors (and marrying her off for a big price) when the time comes.. :)


  22. Elsie Button Says:

    oh that was so so sweet! what a briliant mum you are too !


  23. Jo Beaufoix Says:

    Cablegirl, hi sweetie. I don’t know. She didn’t seem to mind??
    What a shame there wasn’t a potty of gold at the end of it.
    Big sighhh.

    Rebecca that is so true. All talent should be encouraged I say.

    Elsie, thanks, hee hee. Just wait, you’ll be doing this stuff sooner than you know.


  24. Blue Momma Says:

    You are not alone. When the Punkin took his first poop in the potty I SO got the camera out!

    Seriously. It was a momentus occasion and I had to document it.

    I’ve so far managed to restrain myself from posting it on my blog, but a mother’s pride is hard to contain.

    You may see it yet….. and it’s not even rainbow colored!



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