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The Monkees – Fun Monday

This weeks Fun Monday comes from ‘Oh a Shiny Pen.’

Her link is below.

Apologies for the fact it’s not a proper link, but I can only get youtube stuff on my blog by sending it from youtube, so I have to add any text there. Blah. I think it’s because it’s slightly too wide to add to my actual posts.

Crown Princess says:

“Music plays a vital role in most of our lives. It is everywhere. I want to hear the ONE song that is you. The song that whenever it is heard, you smile. I am not looking for the soundtrack of your life, just that one song. Your friends hear it and think of you. You can post the video, the lyrics, the wav file. However you want to post it is great.”

At first I thought I would find this sooooo hard.

I mean just one song?

But then this one popped into my head and I felt lighter, and happy, and excited. I love this song so much.

I remember watching the Monkees when I was little and just loving their cheeky and none threatening style. They were kind of safe pop, but a little different too, you know, a little quirky. I liked that.

But having listened to their songs more recently I actually just grew to love the music.

I love Pleasant Valley Sunday, I’m a Believer, Why don’t you cut you hair, A little bit me…

As far as I’m concerned Mickey Dolenz, Davy Jones, Michael Nesmith and Peter Tork are fab and I love to listen to them.

Hmmmm, I’ve used the word love five times now.
Are you noticing a theme?
Can you feel the love I have for this band?

Well I do. So there.

So, how does this song fit this Fun Monday’s criteria?

1. Well, every time I hear it I smile. I have to sing along. I can’t help dancing and swaying in an embarrassing way when it gets to the chorus.

2. I don’t know if my friends think of me when they hear it, but I know they all smile too. To me The Monkees personify fun, energy, enthusiasm, and a goodness that could come over a bit too squeaky clean but some how manages not to, maybe because there’s the ‘lads’ thing about them too.

I think that’s a little like me. (Not the lad part, as I’m a lady don’t you know.), but I enjoy the fun, the daft and the slightly bizarre.

I like silly.

But I also like good music, catchy tunes, creative lyrics.

So the Monkees are for me.

I hope you like the song.

And I’ll be over to check on your Fun Mondays as soon as I can.

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  1. Momo Fali Says:

    For certain, every time I hear a Monkee’s song from now on I will think of you!


  2. Kimberly Says:

    Oh Jo! I feel so silly, but I’d forgotten about the Monkees! Thanks for reintroducing me to and old love. And you featured one of my very favourites!


  3. Serina Says:

    Awesome choice! I love the Monkees.


  4. Irene Says:

    Shoot, I can watch the video, but I can’t listen to it, because it is the middle of the night and my husband is asleep. But listen, aren’t you a little bit too young for the Monkeys? I thought they were more from my generation. I was born in 1954 and the Monkeys were in their hay days in the very early 70′s. Were there a lot of reruns on TV later on?

    Anyway, that little short fellow was kind of cute, even though he was awfully short. It was clean pop, no drugs, no alcohol. Parents didn’t need to worry about their kids loving this kind of music.


  5. Sauntering Soul Says:

    What an incredibly fun song to choose for this week’s challenge. I love it!


  6. ellen b Says:

    Oh I love the Monkees! Great choice. It sure makes me smile. “Hey Hey we’re the Monkees!”


  7. Julie Says:

    The Monkees are a great group. I loved listening to them as a kid. Thanks for sharing and playing


  8. my4kids Says:

    I have always loved the Monkeys. My dad used to listen to them all the time as well as many other now older bands.


  9. holly Says:

    i’m going to assume this was a fun song, just like you. i won’t know until i play it at home. right now it’s just a blank space. that’s not fun! (it’s not your fault – it’s my work’s you’re-supposed-to-be-working-not-viewing-youtube policy)

    oh my god – i have never done fun monday but i know the song i’d do if i did. i’m going to try to remember to post it tonight. although, by then it will be almost tuesday. but i don’t care. it will still be monday in the states…

    btw i had a dream that you came to my house last night for a cuppa tea. i gave you one and were glad you came, but i was rather hoping in future you’d call first so i can make sure my house isn’t a mess. then again, you didn’t seem to care. thanks!
    yes, we did have fun.
    no, we didn’t get the playdoh out. next time.


  10. jettied Says:

    How fun!! when I was littler..yea littler I used to just love them!!!


  11. chrisb Says:

    They were such a fun group~ you brought back memories of watching them when my girls were young.


  12. Aoj & The Lurchers Says:

    I love this song and it’s just as well I’m in the office on my own because I sang along with it all the way through!


  13. Nekked Lizard Lady Says:

    Oh, I love Davy Jones and the Monkeys. Growing up, I watched them every Saturday after cartoons. What a great choice!!


  14. kitten (Katie) Says:

    Now, that brings back fun memories. Yes, that song could be you because it’s cheery! & so are you!
    My momma has improved a lot. I’ll be off and on over the next week. We just got to take one day at a time. Thank you for being there for me!


  15. sandy Says:

    Gosh, thanks. One of my three bestest friends in high school was named Jean. We listened to and sang along with this song a lot!


  16. rotten correspondent Says:

    That song makes me feel like a kid again.

    I love it!


  17. jill Says:

    another awesome song!


  18. Hootin' Anni Says:

    Hey, hey——-we’re the Monkeys! People say we’re messin’ around….but we’re too busy singing………..

    Oh I loved the Monkeys way back when.


  19. Jo Beaufoix Says:

    Thanks Momo. That’s cool.

    Kim, they were just so fab. When I was a student I had a Best Of album that I played for months. It just cheered me up and chilled me out. I might have to get myself one on CD now.

    Hee hee Irene, I think it must have been reruns as I was born in 1975. I probably watched it in the 80s. It just had a good feel about it. I think my girls would probably like it too.

    Thanks Sauntering Soul, thanks, I love it too.

    Thanks Julie. And ta for hosting this week. I can’t wait to check out everybody else’s songs.

    Ahhh Holl. I think you’ll like the song and I can’t wait to see yours. And I will come for a cuppa one day. Or we can meet half way. I promise next time I decide to drop in on your dream I will email you first or something. And my house is just the same. When E was little, if ever we tidied up she’d say, “Who’s coming Mummy?” And there normally would be. Hee hee.

    Jettied, I still love them now. Is that sad??? Ah well. ;)

    Chrisb, they were fab weren’t they? You couldn’t help but smile at them.

    AOJ, it does that to me too. I just have to sing it. I’m so glad it got you exercising your vocal chords. :D

    Kitten, I’m so glad your mum is a little better. Hope you’ve got plenty of people looking after you too. x

    Sandy, it’s a pleasure. :D

    RC, me too. It’s just a smiling song.


  20. Robocop Says:

    I remember that group, and their TV show.


  21. Akelamalu Says:

    I used to love watching the Monkees too!


  22. Bren Says:

    Great choice! I remember watching them as a kid as well.


  23. Jo Beaufoix Says:

    ellenb, we used to all do that dance when we were kids. I loved that one too.

    my4kids, some stuff just seems ageless doesn’t it?

    Nekked Lizard Lady, we used to watch them Saturday mornings too. :D

    Jill, I think so. Can’t wait to catch up on everyone else’s.

    Hootin’ Anni, they were so lovable.

    Robocop, they were cheesy yet cool. ;)

    Akela, and Bren, they just have that feel good thing about them don’t they? They looked like they were having fun too.


  24. Brillig Says:

    Ahhhhh, I KNEW I loved you. I share your sentiments entirely. :-)


  25. Thalia's Child Says:

    LOVE the monkees. When I was a teenage girl, my best friend and I would obsessively watch the TV show on the station that played all the old TV shows.



  26. holly Says:

    that is my favorite monkees song. love love love it.
    know what i love? i’m a real connection-er (that’s now a word) and now when i hear this? it will remind me of you! :)
    and yes i’m so on for meeting up even half way.

    now i gotta go fix my post cuz i forgot to add the song in. DON’T LOOK YET!


  27. Linda Says:

    Oh the Monkees – LOVE EM! I took my 5 year old son to see one of their final reunion concerts back in 85 or so. I held him up on my shoulders and then looked around at a sea of mothers doing the same thing! Great choice! Thanks for posting that.


  28. ari_1965 Says:

    I’d forgotten about The Monkees. Thanks.
    Here’s my Fun Monday


  29. Secret Agent Mama Says:

    Oh what a great throw-back!!


  30. Molly gras Says:

    Jo –
    I love your blog: it’s so very pretty and inspirational.

    Way to throw some Monkees into the mix! For a veritable youngin’ (recent birthday – 33?), you have some nicely classic taste.

    Way to be old school!

    Rock on and have a groovy week :)


  31. mjd Says:

    Oh yes, the Monkees sing again. Great choice…fond memories


  32. Anglophile Football Fanatic Says:

    I also LOVED that show. Have you heard Davy’s new song for the Sandra Boynton kid’s book. It’s GREAT.


  33. Alison Says:

    I love the Monkees!!! I was so in love with Davy Jones…this brings me way back to when I was my daughter’s age….wow!!


  34. janet Says:

    hey hey they’re the monkees… people say they monkey around …. love that. (i guess i’m showing my age)


  35. Megnificent Says:

    Years and years ago we took a family vacation and my parents made us listen to a Monkees cassette for 9 hrs each way on a car trip. NEVER taking a break from it. After that, I knew every single song..and loved them all.


  36. 21st Century Mummy Says:

    Thanks for this Jo – I love it and brings back so many memories. By the Way….,



  37. cynthia Says:

    Oh, I used to LOVE to watch the Monkees. THanks so much for posting this one. Such awesome memories. Or should I say FAB memories!


  38. Junebug Says:

    I grew up watching the Monkees too. I went from being in love with each Monkee at different times. I pretended they each were mine, except Mike Nesmith who was married. :D Great song and memories.


  39. Jo Beaufoix Says:

    Sorry I’ve not replied to you all yet. But I have managed to visit you all today, and that’s much more important. :D


  40. Debbie in her Patch Says:

    I love the Monkees when I was a kid.


  41. Iota Says:

    Having lived in America for 5 years, and now I have a High Schooler as an eldest child, I now know what a ‘Homecoming Queen’ is. I’ve always wondered.



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