I Predict a Pink Bird

Sat, Feb 14, 2009


It’s funny, I often wished for psychic abilities.  Not for reasons of fame and fortune.  Not to forsee and change the mistakes I might make.  not even for heroic reasons, but just for the experiences it might bring. The knowing, the deja-vu, the wonder.   So imagine my surprise, (though I probably already knew but just hadn’t accepted it), when I discovered this week that I actually am blessed with the talent of foreseeing stuff.

Honest, I have definitive proof.  It is unquestionable, beyond doubt, cross my heart and hope to snog the Hoff.

You see, in my post last Saturday, the one I wrote before I headed off to Londonshire, I mentioned in the fourth paragraph that if you were out in Putney that evening you might see me, and that I would be wearing a brightly coloured scarf and a pink flamingo.

On a last minute whim before I left the house on Saturday morning I stuffed my fabulous comfy socks into my bag, the ones that happen to be bright blue with little pink flamingoes dotted about all over them.

And then, after a traumatic journey, when we wandered outside onto the roof garden at the restaurant what do we see?



It’s amazing isn’t it?

So now I’m thinking, if I can ‘sense’ flamingoes, what else can I do?

Exciting times right?

Cough, moving on, I have a long overdue thank you for a few awards that have come my way recently.

Firstly the lovely My Little Brown Book gave me this little cutie.

She actually passed it on about 2 months ago so I am a little late.  (Bad Jo.)  But it’s really nice, so thanks My Little Brown Book.  :D

Then I got this little piece of bloggy bling from old sarky pants himself  Willow Tree.

Thanks a lot McWillow.  Mwah.

And last but not least, my gorgeous friend The Finely Tuned Woman  awarded me with this;

She must have seen me out last night as I was very well behaved, hee hee.  I had a wicked night with some of my bezzie mates as well as my sister-in-laws, and fell into bed at 2.30am after a drunken bowl of weetabix.  (Yeah, I know how to live it up.)

I’m not going to pass these on individually, but I reckon everyone I read is a superior scribblers, most of you are as bad as the Dingo, and definitely generally very well behaved, so please help yourselves and consider it a Valentine’s Gift from me.  :D

Tomorrow we head off to Aylesbury for a night in a cute little English village as a stop off on the way to my sister’s wedding.  I am so excited.  

AND, for the first time I will be able to blog while I’m away as I will have my laptop with me.  Hooray.

In the meantime, HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY folks.  I hope you’re all feeling the lurve.

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9 Responses to “I Predict a Pink Bird”

  1. The Finely Tuned Woman Says:

    Thank you, Jo. I helped myself to the Dingo Award as I doubt it will pass my way again any time soon and it does have something lugubrious.

    Oh yes, you definitely have psychic abilities. The flamingos are a dead give away. Be careful with those powers. You may see some exciting stuff up ahead and be caught off guard. Like, will prince Charles actually become king?


  2. Corey Says:

    ♥♥♥♥ Hope you have the bestest time away for the wedding. ♥♥♥


  3. sandy Says:

    good for you on the awards.. You know who I want to hear ffrom Lehners?/Have you heard from them since move!1Many more pink birds birthday and Valentines so much love Sandy


  4. Sandi McBride Says:

    I always thought you might be a bit touched…with psychic ability that is…imagine that…pink flamingos…thought they helmed from Florida?


  5. Kimberly Says:

    That is just plain eerie.

    Your socks are almost as cool as my stripey ones with the heart eyed skulls on them.



  6. david mcmahon Says:

    Maybe the Hoff is psychic as well – and has “read” this in his mind. You and he could be an “on-and-Hoff” thing ….

    I’ll go now ….


  7. tawny Says:

    Aylesbury! If I had known, I would have bought you a coffee!! Hope you had a lovely time.


  8. Sandi McBride Says:

    COngrats on Post of the Day mention Jo!


  9. Daryl Says:

    Props on POTD mention at David’s!


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