A Dream Come True?

Wed, Feb 25, 2009


At last it has arrived.  Mansfield finally has a coffee establishment that begins with ‘Star’ and ends with ‘B**ks’.  I knew it would only be a matter of time, what with having a double Olympic Gold Medal Winner, and a visit to our local college from Prince Charles himself this week. 


Next we’ll be getting a Borders.

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13 Responses to “A Dream Come True?”

  1. Sybil Law Says:

    You mean a Boarders – like, a place to stay, or a place that sells wood?! Haha
    I said wood. Oh nice.


  2. mielikki Says:

    Coffee teases.
    Good luck with that, Jo.


  3. Sandi McBride Says:

    Oh, that must be one of the three that recently pulled up stakes in Charlotte recently…I wondered what had happened…enjoy!


  4. Daryl Says:

    LOL .. I want to ask about the ‘themed events’ …


  5. SingleParentDad Says:

    Can’t believe they can knock out a skinny-caffe-latte-mocha-choca for 40p, and still include a biscuit.


  6. Rosie Scribble Says:

    Jo, the giveaway is “Tea, coffe and Biscuits 40p” – definately NOT Starbucks!!!


  7. WT Says:

    Stand firm, if you ignore them they will go away. It worked here, they closed all their outlets in regional Australia due to poor sales.


  8. WT Says:

    Speaking of coffee, I love that I no longer have to go and make one while I wait for my comment to post ;)


  9. ZERILDA Says:

    You KNOW it isn’t Starbucks (bob bless them) because the food is priced in pence. 40p in Starbucks gets you a seat. MAYBE.


  10. ZERILDA Says:

    AWAITING MODERATION?!?!?! My comment is awaiting moderation?!?! MISS BEAUFOIX I DO PROTEST!


  11. Tara Says:

    Am I the only person in the world who doesn’t like coffee?
    I remember them opening a SB’s in the city where I worked and a couple of people in the office were freaking out like they’d just announced Take That were sitting on a park bench there.
    Now THAT I could get excited about.


  12. Jo Beaufoix Says:

    Sybil, you are mad, but I love you. Mwah.

    Mie, I want to go to a themed event.

    Sandi, ahhh thanks. You sent one to me. Sighhhhh.

    Daryl, I know. You and me and Holl and Lee, dressed as cowgirls. Oh ‘twould be fabulous.

    Kim that’s what I said. ;D

    WT, they would never last in my home town. I mean why would you go to a Starbucks when you could go to a Star Books??

    Zerilda, welcome gorgeous. And in my town, 40p almost gets you a house. ;D
    And you are now thoroughly approved of.

    Tara, me too. I like Starbucks for a treat, and especially if it’s in a book shop. Sighhhhh. They should actually call those ones star books maybe. Or maybe not. ;D


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