Juice Anybody?

Tue, Mar 10, 2009


Miss M sees the consultant tomorrow. ┬áThis means that tomorrow morning our first task of the day will be catching our 4 year old’s wee in a cup so we can take a sample with us.

So I have a question for you?

They need a morning sample.

Our appointment is at 3.00pm.

Does the wee go in the fridge or is room temperature ok?

I know, I know but I wonder about these things.

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17 Responses to “Juice Anybody?”

  1. Dumdad Says:

    Jo, you’re just taking the piss!

    P.S. Glad to hear you feel a bit better in yourself. I can be a bit blue and grumpy and angry and forlorn and despondent for short periods, although never all at once, but I’ve never had depression (so far, fingers crossed) so I can’t really imagine what you’re going through. Perhaps the total of blue + grumpy + angry + forlorn + despondent = depression.

    Bon courage, comme d’habitude!


  2. Surprised Says:

    Afraid it has to go in the fridge!

    (Listen to me all sensible and Mum-like!)


  3. kitten/katie Says:

    I had to do this with KB, but can’t remember which way. Maybe you could call and ask! You are still in my prayers. Good luck!


  4. Lilacspecs Says:

    Fridge, definitely. I had to do an all day urine collection for an endocrinologist once and pee definitely goes in the fridge.


  5. Laura Driver Says:

    I have no idea, but that fridge is lacking in alcohol!


  6. Laura Driver Says:

    PS – Good luck tomorrow.


  7. Akelamalu Says:

    I would think it goes in the fridge but maybe put the container in one of those sealable freezer bags?

    Hope it all goes well m’dear. Sending Reiki for you and your little one. xx


  8. Dan Says:

    I can’t see how it matters to be honest. I’ve never stored anyones pee in a fridge whenever I’ve taken it.

    But then again I’m usually doing drug tests.

    Ring NHS direct and ask, that’s my advice


  9. jo Says:

    Fridge, definately. But watch out for sleepy people seeking drinks in the night…


  10. Sybil Law Says:

    I would ask the doctor, but as far as I know, unless you’re running it in there right away (and I am assuming you’re not), it goes in the fridge.
    Good luck. Let us know how it goes!!!


  11. Kimberly Says:

    Hee hee…

    Low emotional maturity level is kicking in once again…

    Good luck!


  12. susanasherself Says:

    I will say this: if you indeed put it in the fridge, put a GIANT LABEL on it…. ;)


  13. Rosie Scribble Says:

    Jo, whatever you do – don’t drink it for goodness’ sake!

    Good luck tomorrow. Dr D is absolutely lovely!!!!


  14. Iota Says:

    Ring the hospital and ask.


  15. Daryl Says:

    Ask the doctor … or his nurse …

    I’d go with no, dont refridgerate .. its not as if its going to go bad


  16. Iota Says:

    And be grateful that it’s not a sample of the other stuff. I remember my GP handing me a little pot, and showing me the lid that has a little spoon attached on the inside, and saying “oh, the joys”.


  17. Coding Mamma (Tasha) Says:

    Am a bit late, but just wanted to say hope it went OK.


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