The rescue of an almost dull post

Thu, Mar 19, 2009

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Alright, alright, I didn’t manage to fit in Fitball this morning, but I still have to get packed for Center Parcs tomorrow, pick up Miss E and get glammed up for tonight, as well as feeding the two monkeys.

Isn’t that enough?  Sighhhh.

Miss M decided to put on a lovely display incorporating both sound and smell effects while the estate agent was here.  I’m hoping it won’t have a profound effect on the value of our house, but it may affect the HIP (Home Information Pack) in that emissions are considerably higher around my small girl than quite possibly the whole of Mansfieldshire.   Kids, dontchajustlove’em?

I’m now pondering whether to wrap up Mother’s Day gifts, pack for the weekend or do a bit of beautifying before we collect Miss E from school.  Once more I am venturing into the realm of false nails, which are my life saver at the minute as PMDD plays havoc with your nails.  Tsk.  Decisions, decisions.


This could become quite possibly my most boring post ever so I will attempt a rescue by revealing a little known fact.


Ok.  Several years ago when I was a wee small girl I was able to cartwheel blindfolded while carrying a tray of ale and a bishop’s toothbrush.  I know, I know, you are flabbergasted.

Now I am less nimble on my feet I can only manage it wearing an eye patch and carrying a vicar’s tooth pick, but even so you have to admit that’s talent right?

You’re really glad you came here now aren’t you?

Thought so.

Oh, and I just heard the terrible news.  Natasha Richardson RIP.  My thoughts are with her family and friends, especially Liam Neeson and her two boys.  Kind of puts my own worries in perspective.

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8 Responses to “The rescue of an almost dull post”

  1. Napoleon Fantastic Says:

    When did you get the monkeys?


  2. Sybil Law Says:

    I’m going to need video proof of your skillz.
    Have a great time!


  3. Daryl Says:

    Poor Miss M … have you ever tried to figure out what her tummy is having trouble processing?


  4. mielikki Says:

    I was going to ask what a bishop’s toothbrush was…
    and the Natasha Richardson thing has me oddly sad. I think she was a great actress, and too young to go. God bless her whole family…


  5. Susanasherself Says:

    Yes, terrible news re: Natasha Richardson. So tragic. She was such a good actor. Sigh.


  6. Corey~livingandloving Says:

    I was giggling about miss M and her toots…..and smells, then the sad news of Natasha….brought me back down. very sad news.

    hope you have a nice time tonight and a lovely weekend.


  7. kitten/katie Says:

    Hope you have a great time.
    Yes, we need a video of your talented self.LOL!


  8. Kimberly Says:

    Is cartwheeling while carrying a toothpick really SAFE though? You dare-devil you. =P


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