The Night before the Madness

Wed, Apr 8, 2009


As the well known old saying goes, ‘Tomorrow we move, tonight we drink wine and eat chocolate.’
(That is definitely a real saying and not made up by me at all.)

I can’t believe we’ll actually be moved in this time tomorrow evening, or that I’ll hopefully be cooking tea in my house surrounded by family and friends and, erm, boxes and bags. 

The prospect is exciting, scary, emotional, exhilarating and nerve-racking.  It’s the beginning of a new life for myself and my family, including Mr B.  I’m hoping it’s the start of good stuff and better times for us all.

Please send a prayer or maybe a few slices of roquefort cheese to the ‘unpacking of stuff’ fairy for me if you get a moment.  She can be a bit testy at times and I don’t want her to mix my gerbil food with my muesli.  And if I’m absent for a few days it will be due to a lack of wheels and a lack of internet as there is no service at our new house yet and I have the joyous task of finding a provider.  I’m thinking Talk Talk as you get a free wireless transmitter with them and you know I’ll be hoping to blog from my boudoir at some point, but any advice on the matter would go down a treat.

In the mean time I may blog some pieces of daft randomness both for my own personal enjoyment, and in the hope of amusing and confusing you lovely peeps.  The daftest comment will win a flea hammock ok?

See you all on the other side of the mayhem.


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18 Responses to “The Night before the Madness”

  1. SingleParentDad Says:

    Good luck on the move.

    When I was in a rented property I went for Virgin broadband, as I didn’t need to sign up to a lengthy contract, it can be canceled at any point, with a one months notice, I think.

    My friends have had Talk Talk with varying success, their ‘free’ wireless terminal isn’t brilliant, but the price they pay for the service is very keen.


  2. sandy Says:

    i wish you a world of blessings – it’s a huge step- and can be so very cathartic – I know that it will be for thee and thine..sandy


  3. notasoccermom Says:

    I have been stalking your site for a little while…
    Good luck on the move and the ‘new life’ how exciting and nerve-wracking and totally awesome.

    wishing you lots of wine, chocolate, tea and roquefort


  4. The Gossamer Woman Says:

    Oh boy, you want a brilliant comment from me and I don’t have one. I can only wish you the very best and hope that everything runs smoothly. I can’t give you any Internet advice being a foreigner, but it’s all a pain in the you know what. Exercise patience in all things.



  5. Tim Atkinson Says:

    Best of luck with the move – give us an addi for the Roquefort! And SPD (as usual) is spot on with his view of Talk Talk – I’m with them, and they’re cheap but not always very fast… You gets what you pay for, I suppose!


  6. Sybil Law Says:

    I’ll be sending Gouda cheese instead. Sooo tasty!!


  7. Daryl Says:

    You must MUST go over there and put salt, sugar and a broom in the house before you move even one thing in .. they ensure good luck. Muaaah!!!!!!


  8. Susanasherself Says:

    Have a smooth move!!! Hang in there—it will all be great on the other side of the craziness!


  9. Zerilda The Superfluous Blogger Says:

    CRAP – I wish i’d known that thing about the salt, sugar and broom before I moved into THIS house!!!

    i will need to know how to deliver my congrats on your new home gifts:
    have you disconnected your cell? that’s what my cell says…


  10. Coding Mamma Says:

    Good luck with the move, and may this be the start of much goodness for you all.


  11. Maternal Tales Says:

    I like the quote – are you sure you didn’t make it up??!! Good luck with the move x


  12. Bee Repartee Says:

    OH, Jo! How exciting!

    And for the record, I think Gerbil food is Meusli.

    I pray for an extra helping of grace on your move. Packing always makes me wish for a large housefire. I’m just saying… :)


  13. Piper Says:

    Sending a prayer, and wishing you lots of good luck.

    ps. what’s a flea hammock?


  14. Crystal Jigsaw Says:

    It is an exciting time and a new challenge awaiting.

    Good luck,
    CJ xx


  15. ju Says:

    i will be thinking of you. i’ve got a good feeling in my bones for you all and just know this new chapter in your life will be the making of you jo.
    be kind to yourself.


  16. Iota Says:

    A flea hammock. Well, that would be useful. Where do you get those? In a flea market?


  17. nixdminx Says:

    Best of luck and make sure you have a nice pub lunch Easter Sunday. I got a 3 dongle (sounds eye watering doesn’t it?) which covered me until I got sky broadband. It was a rip off but customer service was good. I have £70 credit on it which I doubt I will ever use but it there’s no time limit so I have an emergency internet supply (big like a secret pack of fags for nerds I suppose) x


  18. bubblewench Says:

    Best of luck on the move… it’s the beginning of a great adventure.. and a brand new phase of life!

    Enjoy every moment.


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