We’re In

Fri, Apr 10, 2009


This really is the quickest post in the world as I’m at ye olde chez Beaufoix dropping the kids and the car to Mr B, then I have to go back and unpack more  stuff.  Seriously, if anyone looked through our window they’d think we’d been burgled. 

Misses E and M slept ok last night though it was a late one and I finally laid my head on my pillow at about 2am, so when Miss M bounced in at about 7am I was, erm, sleepy.

Today I really hope to get the girls clothes sorted so they can really settle in, but it feels like home to me already.  A big thank you goes to Rosie for looking after my girls all day yesterday, Nic for lending her car, her arms and her wardrobe moving skills, Mum and Dad for working so so hard and being the best parents in the world ever, and my lovely mates Lu and Pod (they of the cool wedding) for stopping by to give me the news that they are expecting their own little monkey some time in October. 


Seriously you two, that made my night.  You will be the best parents and your kid will be the coolest, funniest, cutest baby in the world ever…cough, after mine.  ;D

Have to go now.  I need to leave Mr B to his girls, and go do some work.  I may not be getting my internet for a while as there is still an account open in the old tenants names apparently…bugger, so I’ll be blogging from various locations whenever I can.  In the meantime, there is another random question coming your way tomorrow.  Mwah.

7 Responses to “We’re In”

  1. leendaluu Says:

    Hey Jo, Sorry I’ve not been contributing much to your support next work over the past few weeks. I’m catching up now and it sounds like you are doing quite well. It’s a strange experience…lots of highs, lots of low but I think it will all turn out quite well. The girls know you and Mr. B love them lots and lots and lots and that will get you all thru.



  2. Tim Atkinson Says:

    “…feels like home already.” That’s one heck of a good start!


  3. Sybil Law Says:

    What a great time of year for a new start, though.
    Hooray on the new place!!!
    Get some rest while the girls are gone, too. :)


  4. CamiKaos Says:

    Hope you get your internets soon… Wait not, I mean I hope you and the girls are settled soon.



  5. Maureen Says:

    Congrats on the new diggs, Jo! What a fabulous new beginning for you.

    Hope you are up and connected soon.


  6. The Gossamer Woman Says:

    Good luck in your new house, Jo. Hope you settle in real well and that you get your Internet connection soon. I’d be lost without it. A big hug for the girls and you.



  7. Corey Says:

    Glad to hear things are going as good as can be hoped for. I’m thinking of you TONS!


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