Mushroom Madness and a Blogiversary

Sat, May 23, 2009


Following on from a conversation Miss M had with her granny on the way home from nursery, I decide to quiz my little girl as I tuck her into bed.

Me: “What house did you tell Granny you want to live in when you’re bigger M?”

Miss M continues to arrange her fluffy dog, Strawberry Shortcake Doll and soft turtles around her small form before turning her face towards me and fixing me with a grin so huge the corners of her lips almost meet at the back of her head.

Miss M:  “My want to live in a mushroom house Mummy.”

I crinkle up my nose, frowning and smiling at the same time.

Me:  “Oh right.  Why a mushroom house then M?”

She leans back on her soft heart cushion and clasps her fingers together over the bulky covers, like her Grampy used to after a good meal when his rounded tummy seemed even more pleasingly spherical.

Miss M:  “Well, me and S were talking about houses at Nursery and we were saying what houses we would want to live in.  And my want to live in a mushroom house.”

She looks at me, eye brows raised, mouth in a close lipped smile, a barely perceptible nod displaying the fact she expects this to be explanation enough for her choice of fungal domicile.

Me:  “Ok.”

Then she fixes me with a wide eyed stare, eye brows raised to the ceiling, mouth serious, head shaking from side to side as she says,

Miss M:  “But NOT the grey castle Mummy.”

She holds my gaze and I echo her movements as I reply hastily,

Me:  “Oh no, NOT the grey castle.”

And with that she snuggles down, puts her thumb in her mouth and begins to twirl her hair, a veil of sleep already settling over her heavy eyes.   I kiss her, move a tendril of hair from her finger tips gently and say night night.  

But what I really want to do is go, “But why? What’s wrong with the grey castle for Bob’s sake? It might be quite nice”

I love it when they leave you with questions.


P.S. Is it bad that I missed my own blogiversary?  And the fabulous Iota‘s too??

2 years people!

2 years, 735 posts, 10,398 ‘approved’ comments, and loads of new mates.

And I still love it.

AND because I had so much fun writing last years blogiversary post, I thought I’d point you in that direction. If you like chocolate and handsome surprise guests, you won’t be disappointed.

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25 Responses to “Mushroom Madness and a Blogiversary”

  1. Maternal Tales Says:

    You’re way too prolific – I just can’t keep up with you (she says being the first to leave a comment – looks like I’ve got nothing better to do on a Saturday night – I haven’t btw)!! Conversation too cute and what’s even cuter is Miss M curling up in bed with her thumb, twisting her hair – my littlest does that and it makes me melt. Huge congrats on the blogoversary – just off to check last’s year’s post (like I said – nothing better to do with my life)!


  2. Sybil Law Says:

    Hmm… Is this a “magic” mushroom house?! ;)
    Seriously – Happy Blogiversary!!!


  3. Kimberly Says:

    A mushroom is far more interesting then a boring old castle. Smart girl, that.

    Happy Blogiversary, my dear!


  4. Rosie Scribble Says:

    You’re not moving house again are you? There’s a mushroom on the market just down the road from us, reaonably priced I think, and quite roomy, considering. Times are tough and there are mushrooms put waiting to ease the housing shortage. And if you get hungry you can eat the walls.

    Two year blogiversary? Surprised you remembered, Fifi!


  5. Nicola Says:

    Happy Blogiversary Jo! Loved your first anniversary post. And your first post too – had no idea you had such great taste in music! My first hubby was a Muso too (base) and I spent a lot of time in the 90s being an unpaid roady for the band. As for the Vic Reeves comment – classic! Keep up the good work xx


  6. ju Says:

    you’ve kept me smiling all week long,keep on blogging on!
    well done jo you should be proud of your achievements,you rock!


  7. mielikki Says:

    but would a house of fungus grow even MORE fungus?
    and what about the snails?
    Happy blogaversary


  8. Iota Says:

    Thank you, Jo. I’d forgotten!

    So no cake with Mr Tennant inside it this year then? Shame.


  9. leendaluu Says:

    Happy Blogoversary, dear friend!


  10. Margarita Says:

    Kids are silly that way. My little one claimed her teddy was stealing her words today and that she needed my help. I had no clue what to do, so I just tickled her… lol


  11. WT Says:

    Happy Blogiversary. xoxoxo


  12. Lilacspecs Says:

    Has Miss M been watching the Smurfs much lately?
    And no worries, I missed my 2 year blogiversary too cause I was looking for work, finding it then losing it.



  13. Corey Says:

    I would soooooooooooooooooooo live in that house.

    oh and I never let Sugar leave me hangin….I hound her for the rest of the story. LOL poor kid.


  14. Corey Says:

    oh and….happy blogaversary. :) my life has been oh so much better with you in it.


  15. The Gossamer Woman Says:

    Hi Jo, I have an award for you over at my place. Please come and get it.


  16. Jewels Says:

    I DO want to live in a mushroom house! How did you KNOW?

    Visions of Alice in Wonderland are dancing in my head. What ever you do, don’t eat a piece of the mushrooom on the left~!


  17. sandy Says:

    mushroom houses are hard to find but I’m with you on that – 3 years for me Congrats !!


  18. Maureen Says:

    Belated congratulations on your second blogiversary!

    And yes, a mushroom house would be fab; until I got hungry that is.


  19. Mariposa Says:

    WOOT! Happy 2 years…and can we have the party at the mushroom’s house?! ;)

    We miss you at Fun Monday!


  20. Daryl Says:

    A very happy blog-birthday/anniversay to you to you .. a very A very happy blog-birthday/anniversay to you to you

    And many more…….xoxoxo


  21. Akelamalu Says:

    Well happy 2nd blogversary to you Jo. :)


  22. katherine Says:

    Happy blogiversary. I got you a present…it’s a grey castle. Not to worry, I kept the receipt, you can return it!


  23. Maternal Tales Says:

    Little award for you at mine (ps – am not on e-mail this week) x


  24. Xbox4NappyRash Says:

    Nice one. Two years is some going!


  25. Kari C Says:

    Happy Blogversary Jo! Just starting my own blog I know the task can be daunting. I enjoyr catching up here with you! Don’t ever stop!!


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