Drayton Manor Blog Invasion

Tue, Jul 7, 2009


Either it’s raining very hard here or Darth Vader is in my kitchen.  I’m not scared though, as I have had Pomme Bears and everyone knows they give you special powers.  Cough.

Anyway, now I am somewhat recovered from my weekend of madness and my ‘wobble’, let me tell you more about the Drayton Manor Bloggers meet up.

It’s weird meeting people you feel you have a friendship with online.  Good weird, but still weird, and as it turns out we were all a little nervous, but we needn’t have worried.

The fabulous and very intelligent Dan (he’ll like that), was just as lovely as I imagined he would be.  Likewise his wife Kerry and their kids Evan and Amy.  Miss M was extremely chuffed that Amy took her hand a couple of times and has already asked when we’re seeing our friends again.  

Ian aka Single Parent Dad, who managed to convince the nice people at Drayton Manor to allow us in for free apparently without any sculduggery on his part…(no honestly), was as cheeky in real life as he is online, but was possibly out done by the adorable Max who impressed me with his knowledge of dinosaurs and his general cuteness.  

The fabulous Tara seemed quite possibly the calmest one amongst us and both Rosie and I agreed that we’d love a cuppa and a good natter, or possibly even a few glasses of wine with her and her husband Steve, who has actually inspired me to pick up my book and write again.   Their two kids were also fantastic, and from the sound of her text they had a brilliant day and got very very soggy.  

So what was it like?

Well we spent most of our time in Thomas Land which was perfect for the little ones, and some of the not so brave adults amongst our party, and included rides involving buses, trains, cars, planes and helicopters to name but a few.

A highlight of this was seeing my 4 year old managing to drive her own vehicle in an almost orderly fashion…

Snort, it’s lucky the staff are obviously part mountain goat or there could have been a bit of chaffing here.  I was slightly miffed by this though…


Our journey by train to the picnic area was made more entertaining by the driver’s invitation to ‘enjoy having a ride on Rosie’, and our comestibles were serenaded by some very noisy yet attractive goats, as well as choruses of “Sit down and finish your dinner now,” from perspiring parents attempting to make a slightly squished cucumber sandwich seem as appealing as this…

Even some of the grown ups were not immune to it’s charms.  Sighhhh.  Everybody wave at Rosie.

After lunch we wandered through the zoo, something I had been really looking forward to, and while it was smaller than I expected it was extremely enjoyable.  Miss M did pronounce one of the animals to look “a bit dead”, an opinion Ian and I had also shared though he carefully used the word ‘deceased’, but  I’m sure it was just sun bathing really or we’d have alerted a policeman.

As Miss M is a cat lover she was thrilled to see several examples of the wild kind, and this one made my day…

..although there were actually two of them, which had me thinking, ‘are they both called ‘Geoffroy’s Cat’, or is one called ‘Geoffroy’s Other Cat’?  And who is Geoffroy?  And why can’t he spell his own name?  And does anyone remember Henry’s Cat or is that just me?

Miss M was thrilled to be led by Amy to see the camens, and I was equally thrilled that Kerry queued for ice cream for us while I took Miss M to the loo, so we were able to sample a rather fabulous waffle cone which I ate before I could find my camera.

After a couple of other child friendly rides, Rosie and I took our two monkeys on the tame but fairly big Big Wheel which gave us some spectacular views of the park…

Then Rosie and Dan went all mad brave and decided they needed to be hurled about in the air with their legs all a dangle.  Seriously, I never knew my friend was so blumming brave…

Amazingly The Maelstrom suited their urge perfectly.  I couldn’t go on as, erm, someone had to watch the kids.  I know, good of me.

 After a spell in the soft player area , it was officially time to go.  Faces were beginning to get a little sulky, voices a little squeaky and eyes a little heavy, and that was just the adults, budabum.

As Rosie and I headed home with IJ and Miss M nodding away in the back, we agreed Drayton Manor was a quite fabulous place to visit.  A little on the pricey side perhaps, but with its bright spacious layout, friendly staff – who were represented by all ages rather than the usual gum chewing teenagers who you often find manning such places – it’s definitely somewhere we’d like to visit again.

My one concern was that if I’d had both my children with me, then Miss E (almost 9), who was kept away by a school performance, would have been left a little wanting.  While she’d have played quite happily in Thomas Land at first, I do think she’d have become quickly bored with it and other than the Log Flume and Rapids I don’t think many of the other rides would have been for her.  I’m not sure if Tara found this with her 6 year old so I’ll be interested to read what she has to say, but for me, there’s a gap from about aged 6-12 years that isn’t really catered for.

Apart from that it was brilliant, so thanks for a wicked day Drayton Manor, and I’m sure we’ll come back one again.

And nicking my real life friend Rosie’s idea, have a look below to see what the others thought of our day with Drayton Manor RocksSingleParentBlagger and Glitterati and Drayton Manor Park and Zoo.

Oh and the British Mummy and Daddy Blogger’s Carnival is hosted by the gorgeous Brit in Bosnia today.  Go over and take a peek if you get the chance.  You won’t regret it.

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17 Responses to “Drayton Manor Blog Invasion”

  1. Dan Says:

    It’s true, i am exceptionally intelligent aren’t I.

    not bloody clever enough to work out why my blog has just imploded. bloody computers.


  2. Jo Beaufoix Says:

    Noooooooooo. Hope it gets better soon! :(


  3. Kimberly Says:

    What a fabulous time that looks to have been! Yay for bloggy friend meetups!


  4. Surpirise Mum Says:

    I remember Henry’s Cat!

    And I’m glad you are over your wobble – just remember weebles wobble but they don’t fall down.


  5. Tara@Sticky fingers Says:

    Hey Jo
    I have to say my 6 year old was in heaven! Dragged us on loads of rides (Stormforce 10, a Buffalo rollercoaster, a sky rider thingy, big wheel, Stormforce 10 again and he absolutely loved the 4D cinema). He ‘tolerated’ some of the rides in Thomasland for the sake of his sister but I can quite easily say Stormforce 10 was his very favourite!
    So lovely to meet you and discover you are actually lovelier in real life (but shhhh, don’t tell everyone!)

    And I tried to go visit Dan’s site but it was all madness over there and I couldn’t get on. I just assumed he’d written a special code to ensure just I couldn’t visit . . .


  6. SingleParentDad Says:

    You should get my boy going on Star Wars, he’s even more like a walking talking wikipedia then.

    And Tara, I gave Dan the special code.


  7. Rosie Scribble Says:

    Just you to blog the ‘ride on Rosie’ comment!
    Yes I am extremely brave going on the Maelstrom. Next time you must join me.
    I also have the special code for Dan’s blog, I’m surprised he’s written so many daft things about you, you appeared to get on on the day. Strange!!!!


  8. The Green Stone Woman Says:

    After a very wild and crazy weekend, you managed to write a very coherent story, although it did take you a few days to pull yourself together, ha ha. Sometimes you do a whole bunch of things all at once and it makes my head spin as to how you pull it off. I need a week to what you do in a weekend.



  9. Iota Says:

    And now we know that you do, indeed, look just like Kate Moss.


  10. Tim Says:

    Hmmmm, hadn’t thought of that age-gap thing (but thanks for the tip-off). We’re going later in the summer with an 18-month-old Thomas fanatic and his 11-year-old thrill-seeker sister. Splitting-up might be necessary.


  11. Daryl Says:

    Fun .. lots and lots of fun and neat pix!


  12. Expat Mum Says:

    Looks like great fun. I am gutted that my 6 year old got up about 6 months ago and denounced Thomas et al. Just like that. We have had to give away every single thing to do with Sodor and its inhabitants. I might just have to sneak off there myself!


  13. SandyCalico Says:

    It looks wonderful, great photos too. We’re trying to arrange something similar in the North!


  14. Susanasherself Says:

    Looks like a fun day! And as a cat lover myself, I have the same questions as you regarding “Geoffroy.” :)


  15. Thumbelina Says:

    ….and I’m just exhausted catching up on your posts never mind doing this!


  16. clareybabble Says:

    I really love Geoffroy’s Cats! Drayton Manor is somewhere we’ve wanted to go for a while and now I think we just might…


  17. Donnieboy Says:

    Just wanted to drop you a line to say, I enjoy reading your site. I thought about starting a blog myself but don’t have the time.
    Oh well maybe one day…. :)


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