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Thu, Dec 16, 2010


I owe so many people a big thank you for standing by me over the past year or two and even more for nominating me in the BMB Brilliance in Blogging Awards.  What with health issues and learning to live as a single parent I’ve had very little time to read and keep up with you all, but you are a fabulous bunch and I feel so lucky to be part of such a huge and diverse community that is the blogosphere.

So I have prizes…

Firstly a stunning Fire Engine Ride-on Speedster from Variete Stores, where you can find everything from lights to furniture to toys. Check out their blog for practical advices on home and garden decoration, and great shopping tips.  (RRP 62.99)

Second a cool bundle put together by myself, Miss E and Miss M, courtesy of the lovely folks at Toys R Us including :

  • VTech Storio Animated Reading System – a unique interactive animated storyteller for kids!  Packed with educational activities, you can even use the story dictionary to check the meaning of difficult words. (RRP £54.97)
  • Sticky Mosaic Dinosaurs – Get creative with a fun mosaics by numbers craft set .  Miss E loved the unicorn version.  (RRP £14.99)
  • Old McDonald Lotto – Make lots of noises and actions as you fond the cards to match the pictures on your board  (RRP £8.99)
  • Thinkfun Rush Hour Game –  Can you manoeuvre your way through the gridlock to escape the traffic jam.  Strangely addictive.  (RRP 12.99)
  • Galt Bouncy Balls Kit – Create your own cool bouncy balls from the coloured crystals.  (RRP £5.99)
  • Geoffrey Giraffe – Cute Animal Alley Geoffrey Giraffe (RRP 6.99)


For you lovely Mums and Dads a Walt Disney Pirates of the Caribbean Trilogy DVD Box Set to enjoy while you wrap up all these lovely last minute prezzies. (RRP £34.99)

And last but not least I have a £50 voucher code from , so if you really want a bit of Mr Depp you could purchase this lovely Jack Sparrow costume  or get yourself a pirate wench if you so desired. 

..or just get something for the kiddies.   

One lucky winner will get all the above!

How to Enter and Competition Details:

  1. Leave the words “PICK ME” in a comment below to receive one entry
  2. Tweet this post with the words: #tonsofstuff @jobeaufoix  - to receive a second entry
  3. Competition closes at Midnight on Saturday 18th December
  4. The winning entry will be plucked from a hat or other appropriate paper holding object by either Miss E or Miss M depending on who is nicest to Mummy that day.
  5. The lucky winner will be contacted by myself on Sunday morning.
  6. To receive your Speedster in time for Christmas will need your details by 12pm Sunday 19th Dec.  After that time they cannot guarantee Christmas Delivery but will deliver the Speedster to you asap.
  7. I will post the Toys R Us bundle and DVD Box Set on Monday morning (Dec 20th)
  8. Youi will be sent your allfancydress code to shop online for your costumes.
  9. This is a UK only competition as I’m footing the bill for postage.  Apologies and Christmas kisses to my overseas readers.


Now go out and spread the good news

Oh, and if you would like to vote for me in the BMB Blogging Brilliance Awards I am a finalist in the Inspirational Blogger Group.

The nominees are all so fab though, so I if you choose not to vote for me no offence will be taken.


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43 Responses to “Lovely gorgeous prizes”

  1. anna m Says:

    Well.what can I say we it if you picked us to win your amazing.prizes it would be great fun for to.race around on the fire engine and nee nar are his.favourite.and.I am sure that his big sisters other prizes so all that is left for me to say is pick me pick me :)


  2. Dan Says:

    Go on then, PICK ME.

    God I feel soiled, but I’d like that fire truck. It is adult sized yeah?

    I got nominated for that BMB award thing too. Is there a prize or is it all for the glory?


  3. Suzy Says:

    PICK ME!!!!

    I will be voting for you Jo, your blogs have made me laugh, cry and think!

    Happy Christmas to you and your lovelies if I don’t see you at school.

    Suz xxxx


  4. Potty Mummy Says:

    Wow Jo – those are quite some prizes! And I wouldn’t want you to think I only come here from cupboard love but… PICK ME, pick me!!! (And if win I’ll deal with the shipping back to Russia issue thingy later. That fire truck would fit in my handluggage, yes?


  5. Plan B Says:

    PICK ME!!!!!! PICK ME!!!! PICK ME!!!!! (she says, emerging from her mostly lurky, non-commenty position in the shadows tempted by pretty things….).Don’t tweet, though, sorry, so I’ll have to hope this comment is good enough!


  6. Rosie Scribble Says:

    PICK ME (and save on postage!) Congrats on the nomination – very well deserved! x


  7. Alex Says:

    PICK ME! We’ve been looking at the Storyio for our 3 year old who is dyspraxic but haven’t been able to afford one.


  8. CherishedByMe Says:

    The internet is a wonderful place isn’t it.

    PICK ME!!!! Please. ;)
    What fantastic prizes. Wishing you and your girls a lovely Christmas Jo, all the best for 2011! X


  9. jay (@cosmicgirlie) Says:

    I won’t say the magic words (because I’d like to see the prizes go to a much more deserving winner) but I WILL say WELL DONE on being shortlisted!! You bloody deserve it, yes you do.


  10. Nickie@Typecast Says:

    Thanking you kindly :D

    Seasons greetings to one and all x


  11. Chris at Thinly Spread Says:

    Oooh! *Jumps up and down in her chair like Hermione Granger* PICK ME! PICK ME! PICK ME! Please!!!!! How fabulous, I am crossing everything which is very painful indeed but OMG my family would be made up!

    Happy Christmas lovely! xxx

    I’m off to tweet now too, which will be hard with my fingers crossed!


  12. New Mummy Says:

    Please Pick Me!! Well done on you nomination hun, well deserved!

    Will tweet now



  13. Susan Mann Says:

    Please please please Pick me!! I have tweeted.

    Congratulations on the nomination, well deserved. x


  14. sandy Says:

    some happy kids I see Sandy


  15. Sandy Calico Says:

    Congrats on the nominations, thoroughly deserved, lovely Jo.
    PICK ME!!!
    I’ve tweeted too (@sandycsalico)


  16. Laura McIntyre Says:

    PICK ME please

    tweeted to @lauracmcintyre


  17. Angela Says:

    OOh pick me please, will tweet now as well @mumsurviveguide


  18. Preseli Mags Says:

    PICK ME! Oh go on, pretty please..!

    Off to Tweet too. xx


  19. helly Says:

    Pick meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

    Well done on your nomination babe you deserve it.xx


  20. Cass@frugalfamily Says:

    Congratulations on being nominated x x

    While I’m here PICK ME ;-)

    x x


  21. pam Says:

    pick me fab prizes thanks

    tweeted as dancer2712


  22. liveotherwise Says:

    Pick me.

    Congrats on the nomination – it’s a great feeling isn’t it?

    will tweet as liveotherwise.


  23. Emma Smith Says:

    pick me


  24. Insomniac Mummy Says:

    Pick Meeeeeeeeeeee! MEEEEEE! Me?

    Not that I’m begging, or anything. Honest G’vnor. But, just for good measure I shall tweet too!

    Well done on the nomination. Well deserved indeed my lovely JoBo!



  25. Clair Says:

    I think I could quickly become favourite aunty with all that. Pick me!


  26. Plan B Says:

    ps very impressed with the way you can reply without replying (if you see what I mean). Will have to work out how (if at all) I do that… x


  27. Iota Says:

    You ARE an inspiration, honey.


  28. Carly Says:

    Wowee fab prizes! Well done on the bmb nominations, definitely deserved.

    Oh and ‘Pick meee’ please xxx


  29. Lucy Says:

    Oh wow. I really think you should pick me since I am such a fan of your brilliant blog and I have voted for you in the Blogging Brilliance Awards… but then if it’s just a random selection out of a hat… I guess it’s all down to chance. Argh. PICK ME! PICK ME! PICK ME!

    lol. :)


  30. Geeky Mummy Says:



    What fab prizes. Will also tweet @GKMummy


  31. Spencer Park Says:

    I wasn’t going to enter this competition, as my kids have already got enough for Xmas, but I’ve just had a little boy peek over my shoulder and ask if I am getting him that racer. After a lot of pleading from him here I am so please pick me!

    Well deserved on the nomination. I now have to go against my objections with the BMB thing and vote for you and Cross the Pond! Wish me luck – this is going to be hard!


  32. Leanne - SecondTimeMummy Says:

    PICK ME – because Im snowed in and cant buy any lovelies for myself!



  33. Leanne - SecondTimeMummy Says:

    Tweeted too! @second_time_mum


  34. Erica Says:

    Pick me please


  35. Karin @ Cafe Bebe Says:

    Little Miss says “Me, Me, Me…puh-leeaassseeee PICK ME!!!” We would be gaga over that load of stuff. You are most delightful and most definitely deserving of your Brilliance in Blogging nomination my dear lady! You rock!

    :) Love, Karin and Little Miss…

    Mwah xx


  36. amy Says:

    PICK ME PLEASE!!! and i’ll tweet too :D xxx


  37. Kelly Says:

    On behalf of Piran I say “Pick Me” he’d explode with joy about the Fire Engine. I have tweeted as well as @Kellyfairy.


  38. Bumbling Says:

    Missed the deadline :-( Oops!

    But congrats anyhow!


  39. Latoya Bridges Says:

    Missed the deadline :-( Oops! But congrats anyhow!



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