Bit part

Thu, Apr 26, 2012


I love my job.

I once mocked a certain blogger for being all into his charts and his admin, but well, I love all the little processes and routines involved in running a library.  The book rotations, reservation picking, pc booking, new user registrations.  I even like cleaning the coffee machine and putting it all back together again.

Sad right?

But I suppose it’s the buzz of being back in work.  Being useful.  Being part of someone else’s day other than just my own.

I love the older generation who come in weekly to warm their memories with old favourites and fuel their imaginations with new.  They reminisce about their 40 years of visiting the library and we talk of how the three steps down to the adult section used to be dark and wooden.  I can still remember the sound of my small feet as I wandered down into that mysterious world of the grown-up, where somewhere my Mum would be clutching a pile of books, enjoying a moment of escape while her four children played.

I love the harassed parents and grandparents who visit with their sticky-fingered offspring and encourage their youngsters to pick out The Far Away Tree, George’s Marvellous Medicine and The Worst Witch, as well as Harry Potter, Horrid Henry and Captain Underpants.

And I love that it’s mainly a happy place.  Somewhere to choose something just for yourself.  A little slice of escape.  A chunk of pleasure.  Pages bound and shelved and waiting.  It’s good to be a tiny part of that.  Really really good.

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13 Responses to “Bit part”

  1. Irene Says:

    I envy you your job. It is one I would enjoy very much. So go ahead and love it all you can. At least you’ve got a job and a good one at that.


  2. The Mad House Says:

    I have a soft spot for libraries, but they knocked down the one my mum used to take me to as a child and it made me cry, as it held so many happy memories for me.


    • Jo Beaufoix Says:

      Awwww Jen, I can imagine that would be awful. I’m working at my childhood library so I love it even more. Our local libraries are fab, we’re so lucky to have them. x


  3. Insomniac Mummy Says:

    It all sounds wonderful. so glad you’re loving your ‘bit part’. It’s nice to hear you sounding content.



    • Jo Beaufoix Says:

      Thanks lovely. I am content. I’m happy just plodding along right now. I could do with pumping up my social life a bit but I’m loving my job and my girls so it’s all pretty good. :D


  4. Jennifer Says:

    I used to work in a library as a teenager, I loved it and sometimes see myself working in one again in the future!


  5. Iota Says:

    So glad it’s going well for you. I think you’d be great in a library – very smiley and friendly and helpful.


  6. HonestMum Says:

    Sounds like a dream job, well done you x


  7. Rosie Scribble Says:

    Wonderful to read, Jo. You can’t beat libraries and bookshops. And if there’s coffee available, even better.


  8. Mandy_savvymummys Says:

    That was a wonderful post to read! I used to spend hours and hours in the library choosing books. Since working and being a full time mum I can never seem to find the time! But this has definitely reminded me of what I am missing out on! Think a trip to the library is well over due!


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