I want a hippopotamus for Christmas

Mon, Dec 10, 2012


This Christmas so far in my house we have been mostly singing this:

Seriously, Misses E and M are obsessed. So much so that I find myself bursting into this lovely ditty in the middle of the library. I was even a little afraid that E would forget herself mid singing exam this morning and start warbling away about a ‘massage in the garage’.
(In the song those two words rhyme.  Where I can from, they do not).

It’s been pretty impossible finding time to write over the last few weeks.  Nevertheless I have discovered some fabulous things…

1  Cuddles, reassurance and Rescue Remedy are all extremely good for panic attacks in 12-year-olds.

2 Miss E might be a worrier but she doesn’t give up.  She sang her first mini solo for her choir last week and has a few more to come over Christmas.  She was so so scared, but she did it, BEAUTIFULLY, and now she knows she CAN do it she seems to have grown in stature.  Her head is held a little bit higher and her smile is just a little bit wider.  I love it.

3  Miss M is also a little fighter, and although she has a very bruisy bottom she can now roller-skate.  (Sort of).  Woo hoo.

4  Next week is D-Day for my job as I have an interview for the post I’ve been covering since April.  It’s in the library I spent a lot of time is as a small child and I would LOVE to be able to call it mine.  This time last year I would not have believed this possible, so I am allowed to write the next 3 letters.  OMG!

5 The hysterectomy is on hold as my bone scans look good so they’ve allowed me more decapeptyl.  I hate the HRT, but I’m going to chat to my docs about that and see if I can try something new.

6 Joining a gym is all well and good, but actually physically going to the gym would be better.  Must do that.  ;D

7  2013 is going to be a ‘sort myself out’ year.  2012 has brought me back to the world of work and I’ve found a job that I truly love, but now I need to work on me.  I need a major overhaul fitness-wise and I know there will be a knock-on effect in so many parts of my life if I just look after myself a little bit better.

8  If you drop your iphone in the bath and it dies, you can bring it almost fully back to life with a tub of rice and a radiator.


Oh, and I actually would quite like a hippopotamus for Christmas, but only a tiny small one.  Big ones are scary and I’d never be able to fit it in my car.

That is all.

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3 Responses to “I want a hippopotamus for Christmas”

  1. Strictly Jen Says:

    These are pretty much good updates, you sound happy and I hope D-Day is a successful operation! Love the “bruisy bottom” description!


    • Jo Beaufoix Says:

      Thanks Jen. Hope you’re all good too. I’ll be glad when D Day is over, but even if it all goes wrong at least I know where I want to be now. :D


  2. Iota Says:

    A tub of rice…?

    How did D-day go?


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