Shave me from myself, please

Sun, Jan 27, 2013


A word of advice.

When you’re driving to work, and you’ve spent the morning doing birthday breakfast and prezzies with your now 8-year-old, then dropped your girls to school, then watched the small one in assembly, then rushed to meet your sis-in-law, then to the shops to purchase a few bits, (and breath) it is not advisable to reach into said shopping bag and grab a can of deodorant to spray a little freshening blast under your arm-pit at the traffic lights.


Well you might, maybe, just possibly grab a can of ladyshave instead…

And then you’d have to wash your top when you got to work and wander round with a soggy under-arm for the next 3 hours.

Not that I’d do that or anything.


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11 Responses to “Shave me from myself, please”

  1. Expat Mum Says:

    OMG you didn’t? Hilarious.
    Yesterday I wasn’t paying attention (to say the least) and mistook my stick deodorant for my cup of tea. The damn thing ended up in my mouth!


  2. zerilda Says:

    i’d have paid good money to be in the car next to you at the stoplight. no, no, i couldn’t be your passenger, i’d have handed you the right thing and that wouldn’t be as funny.


  3. jjdaddyo Says:

    Oh, dear. I think I shall be calling you Ms. Bean from now on.


  4. Hannah Says:

    Just snorted into my tea reading this- sounds like one of life’s finer moments :)


  5. DD's Diary Says:

    Never done that (yet) but I HAVE accidentally tucked skirt into tights after a visit to the loo …… not good, so not good x


    • Jo Beaufoix Says:

      Awww I’ve done that one too lovely DD. I also have a friend who’s done that, AND has had a pair of her knickers fall out of the leg of her jeans at the hairdressers. So funny. :D xx


  6. Mariposa Says:

    Now I’m back and will frequent this place more…
    Just like the old times!


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