Wed, Mar 6, 2013


Having just spent a weekend in a 300-year-old house with my gorgeous family, all 15 of us, I can state without a doubt that I am a very lucky lady.

I have a lovely family.

By ‘lovely’ I don’t mean vomit inducingly perfect.  We are all very different and don’t always see eye to eye. BUT oh my Bob we love each other, and that is very cool.

If my pics would work, then here you would see an eight-year-old and an almost nine-year-old leading a two-year-old by the hands.  Or maybe the 12-year-old cuddling the one-year-old who has a special smile just for her.
The six-year-old might be chatting with the sixty-six-year-old, or chasing the thirty-six-year-old.  The possibilities are endless, but all of them would be full of smiles.

Seeing Miss M play with my fab nieces Miss ME and Miss J, and watching Miss E care for and guard my cute nephews little C and baby O, was so so lovely  and made me a very proud Mummy as well as a very proud Auntie.

Thanks for an amazing weekend you lovely lot.  If I can add pics at sometime I will, but I’m not sure I need to.  :D

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  1. Helly Says:

    Well said xxxx it was perfect xxx


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