Thu, Jul 18, 2013


I now have information on who has snatched my domain and it seems they are attempting to make changes.

I have been advised to contact the police as there is a strong case for harassment. In the meantime, should jobeaufoix.com divert to something unpleasant please let me know. I will shortly be blogging at jobeaufoix.co.uk and will keep you updated there.



Jo xx


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4 Responses to “Harassment”

  1. Arjan Says:

    …pfft stupid how they seem to go to so much trouble :(


  2. DD's Diary Says:

    Oh poor you, Jo! Hope it gets sorted out really soon. Big hugs (bit hot in this weather, but still) xx


  3. JoBo Says:

    Lovely DD, it has been a bit pants, but there is more to life so I am plodding on. I’m having a break for a few weeks while I enjoy the sunshine with my gorgeous girls, then I’ll be back to my blog…where ever it may be. :D Hugs xx


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