Yuletide ponderings – except not really anything to do with Christmas

Wed, Dec 25, 2013


It’s been a weird year for me and my little blog.  I kind of fell out of love with it for a while.  And it felt ok not to write.  Not to be around.  But then when someone decided to stick a spanner in the works, probably due to my supporting a friend whom they had a gripe with, I missed it.

I missed it being there when I wanted it.  If I needed it.  I missed having that place to chat, be silly, explore ideas, converse with myself and others.

And it wasn’t just me that missed it.  Friends, family, Misses E and M.  We all missed it.   It was ours.  Our family history.  Our memories.  Our place to reminisce as my girls grow.  And as I grow and change.  I know that sounds a little pretentious maybe, a little egotistical, but that’s what it was in the beginning.  A little chunk of me put out there for the world to examine or not examine.  It didn’t matter.  It was just fun.

Then it became something else, and although we gained in so many ways, I lost the joy that came with blogging before.
The creative play.  The effort to try new things, read new things, explore.

So maybe in a way the person who owned my domain name for a little while did me a favour.  Because now I feel like I can tiptoe back in unnoticed and maybe find my voice again.

And this time I hope I choose not to give it away so easily.

Happy Christmas all you lovely people out there.  I think I forgot how many of you there were.
It’s weird, but I feel like my world just got wider.


2 Responses to “Yuletide ponderings – except not really anything to do with Christmas”

  1. Dan Says:

    I’ve been on the verge of deleting my blog numerous times over the past year, but haven’t done so as yet.

    As you say there is a history there which I’m very pleased I took a record of. If I can get the energy to carry on much longer is another thing – especially as no one reads it who I don’t interact with on facebook anyhow.

    But it’s nice to see you back again anyhow :)


    • JoBo Says:

      Thanks Dan. And yep, I see everyone on Facebook too so the blog’s kind of gone into the background. I’m thinking I might play with it every now and then though. :)


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